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Exotic Richness Of Indian Spices

The whole world waxes eloquent about the exotic richness of quality Indian spices, we ourselves seem to have little access to them. Local markets are replete with poor quality branded spices. Where does all the good quality spices grown in India disappear then? After a lot of research, the discovery was that it is the nexus of the multi-layered distribution channel involving unscrupulous middle men, which leads to either extraction of the active principles of the spices before their release into the markets, or adulteration. That leads to poor quality. After understanding the dynamics, we at Kusha Spices determined to break this chain by bringing to the customers the best of naturally grown spices, directly from the farmers through the shortest chain, thus allowing the customers to experience the exotic freshness and the rich, authentic taste; albeit at an affordable price.

Our Story

This brand is a heartfelt tribute to my mother, a simple yet extraordinarily gifted person. Her life’s sole purpose was to delight those around her with delicious, homemade food. Everything she cooked tasted divine. Her exceptional talent touched the hearts of everyone fortunate enough to savor her creations. Through the hopeful success of this brand, we aspire to honor her ubiquitous presence, ensuring that her legacy endures, much like the lingering aroma of spices… Kusha Spices.

Abhay Bengeri

Why buy Kusha Spices

100% Natural

100% Vegetarian

0% Preservatives

0% Additives

No Container

Zip Locked Freshness

What Differentiates Us



At Kusha Spices our belief has been to provide consistency. So, all our spices are single source. We identify farmers who grow the spices using only natural methods and buy from them. We do not advocate mixing from different sources at all.



Each and every Kusha Spice is free of chemical pesticides. Only natural fertilizers are used. The farmers who grow them intrinsically believe that use of chemicals degrades the soil and reduces its fertility in the long run.It is our endeavor to support their belief and help them achieve self-reliance.



For centuries people have been growing spices in various pockets of our country based on a complex interplay of climate, soil type, nutritive value etc. Over a period of time this has perfected the fine composition of the spice and added finer nuances to its flavour. Today, every spice has certain regions in the country which it is famous for. Such as Erode for Turmeric, Unjha for Cumin, Guna for Coriander, Wayanad for Black Pepper and Cardamom, Idukki for Cinnamon, Guntur for Red Chilies, Shillong for Bay Leaf etc.

At Kusha Spices we endeavor to source our spices from these specialized regions. Needless to say this ensures authenticity and quality.



Farmers rarely adulterate their own produce. Most spices are adulterated at the ‘mandis’, a practice generally adopted by the unethical middlemen.

In order, to thwart this Kusha Spices buys all the spices directly from the farmers.

Our Pillars of Strength

Some of our farmer brothers whose stoic support has buttressed the Kusha Spices’ vision of providing 100% naturally grown, single source spices having the highest quality from their places of origin. By buying Kusha Spices, you are not only helping them become self-sustaining, but also in bringing a smile on their faces.


He is from Nizamabad and grows Guntur Teja variety of chilies. His wife Varalaxmi is a maverick pickle maker. People from the whole small town come to invite her to their homes; to tutor them on the fine art of pickle making. People believe there is magic in her hands. Shankar insists that the magic is in the chili powder she uses. “We have been growing chillies for decades. We do everything ourselves, harvest the chilies, dry it in the sun and powder it. So, we assure that it is 100% pure.” Today, his chili powder is the most sought after and he is the most respected grower in the region.


He was born in a modest family in Pamphore of Pulwama district, the ground zero for the world’s best and most expensive saffron. He says that while the myths arouse discord, there’s one item of consensus: Kashmiri saffron is the most precious spice in the world. Its strands are thicker and more fragrant than its counterpart from Spain, Iran or Afghanistan. Though an engineer, it was still a saffron calling for him. He recounts memories of winters filled with the spice’s fragrance and palms turning golden from working with it. Even today he still prefers to do everything by hand, whether it is plucking, drying, sorting or packing. It’s not a business he says, it’s a tradition and it must be preserved.


He is based in Idukki Kerala. A Computer Science Graduate, he left a high-profile job in a multi-national company in US to return to his hometown and start spice farming. It meant a complete change in his lifestyle, and numerous compromises, but the dream was larger and all encompassing. Today, he is well settled and is known in the region as a grower of premium quality Green Cardamom.


He is one of our spice growers from Wayanad in Kerala. Six generations of his family have been growing spices such as black pepper, cinnamon nutmeg and mace. As a technologist he firmly believes in natural methods of farming. He allowed the plants to acquire natural resistance. Initially, he met with a lot of resistance from his family and friends; produce also dropped drastically, but he persisted.

Today he is the largest producer in his home town.

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