Kusha Super Jumbo Box

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सुपर जंबो बॉक्स

Combo Pack – 24 items

Black Pepper Whole 50g I Cardamom 25g I Cassia Cinnamon Flakes 25g I Cloves 25g  Coriander Seeds 100g I Coriander Seeds Powder 100g I Cumin Seeds 100g I Cumin Seeds Powder 100g I Garam Masala 100g I Mustard 100g I Original Indian Bay Leaf 25g I Original Kerala Cinnamon Flakes 25g I Red Chilli Powder Medium Spicy 100g I Red Chilli Whole Byadagi 25g I Rasam Masala 100g I Sambar Masala 100g I Sabji Masala 100g I Premium Chai Masala 100g I Pav Bhaji Masala 100g I Gun Powder 100g I Multi-grain Special Chutney Powder 100g I Peanut Chutney Powder 100g I Pulihora Masala Powder 100g I Turmeric Erode 100g

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Weight 1525 g


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